About Root Troops and Our Mission!

There was a time, long ago when parents didn’t need to tell, cajole or occasionally plead with their children to eat their vegetables. Although children didn’t realise it the vegetables actually wanted to be eaten, as it was the doorway to the paradise Kingdom of Legume. It was a time when vegetables never had to fear rotting away in the rubbish bin.

The Vegetable People of Parsley Valley lived a happy and contented life in expectation of helping children eat healthily, until their peace was shattered by an evil villain by the name of Candy Cane, who became jealous of the positive impact it had.

He formed a devilish plan to brainwash children to hate vegetables and love sweets, which would mean all Vegetable People were doomed to rot and never reach the Kingdom of Legume. Very quickly his plan worked and the Vegetable People suffered and the children became unhealthy and lazy.

Something had to be done, so Queen Corley Flower had an emergency meeting with the Council of Elderberries and they were able to pump the nutrients from 1,000 vegetables into a brave team of vegetables.

That was when the superhero vegetables were born and they called them…

The Root Troops

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